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Mar 10 2020

An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time

John Hopkins interactive web-based dashboard to track covid-19 in near real time. 

Aug 18 2017

ArcGIS Powers Mutual Aid Resource Planning to Improve Community Preparedness

How ArcGIS is being used to Improve Planning 

Aug 31 2015

Honoring Chief Werner’s Decades of Service

G&H celebrates the years of service provided to the community by Chief Charles Werner as he retires in August 2015.  

Aug 28 2015

Ten Years of Social Media: What I’ve Learned Since Katrina

This week, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Since 2005, advances in technology have changed the way we communicate. 

Jun 12 2014

Legitimizing the Role of Social Media in Public Safety

Social media can provide the real-time “what,” the “who,” the “why,” and the “how” if added to the larger information sharing environment. 

May 19 2014

Emerging First Responder Technologies

Technology is changing the way first responders safely do their jobs 

Apr 23 2014

Online Collaboration Helpful for First Responders with Constrained Resources

First responders today face demands on time, budgets, and training. DHS S&T's First Responders Group offers two resources that can help. 

Apr 7 2014

Capstone 2014 and The Future of Mutual Aid

Pre-planning internally and with your geographic neighbors before a catastrophic event will help save valuable time and critical resources. 

Mar 28 2014

Using Little Data for Emergency Response

In a disaster, it's the little data that provides the actionable information that first responders can use to save lives and property 

Mar 4 2014

#EdTech for Emergency Responders and Managers

Social and mobile trends are changing the ways people learn. Educational technology has made learning more accessible and interactive 

Feb 20 2014

Identifying Essential Elements of Information for your Organization

A challenge facing decision makers in any field is how to have timely, authoritative and accurate information for situational awareness.  

Nov 11 2013

Introducing the VIISE SitRoom Cloud

The G&H approach to finding and managing information addresses the gap between discovering content and using it for your specific purposes.