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Aug 2 2013

A History of Success

For over two decades we have worked with all levels of government to enhance organizational preparedness. 

Jul 23 2013

The Incredible Importance of the Interoperability Continuum

One of the most important lessons of the many efforts to solve the information sharing problem is that technology alone is not the solution. 

Jul 23 2013

Social Media

Attempts to harness social media’s full potential for disaster response and crisis operations have not yet been fully realized. 

Oct 4 2012

Help Save Hamburg, Iowa!

A Story of Community Resilience, the Potential of Social Media, and the Power of Good Choreography 

Sep 23 2011

Engaging Citizens the Right Way: Government Uses Twitter During Hurricane Irene

Twitter and the emergency preparedness and response (EPR) community. 

Feb 17 2011

Making Sense of Twitter - The Uber Hashtag

How does someone keep up with all the hashtags on Twitter? 

Jan 24 2011

Social Media as a Sensor – Leveraging Crowd-Sourced Data for Early Warning and Response

The implications of data collection via social media are significant if applied to the field of public safety. 

Nov 12 2010

Privacy and Security Implications of Geo-Location Social Media Tools

While social media may be very helpful in disasters, users should be aware of some of the potential privacy issues that they present. 

Oct 22 2010

The Promise and Challenge of Crisis Tech Response Volunteers: Part II

Important issues were raised by the participants in the International Conference of Crisis Mappers Conference (ICCM) earlier this month. 

Oct 6 2010

The Promises and Challenges of Crisis Response Tech Volunteers - Part I

The first in a series of blogs that will address issues related to establishing a more thought through disaster response management system. 

Oct 4 2010

Lessons on the Use of Social Media

The Emergency Social Data Summit was convened in August 2010 to address how to leverage social media during emergencies. 

Jul 13 2010

Part 2: Hybrid 2.0 – Leveraging Citizen Engagement for Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recover

Imagine if emergency organizations could leverage the data collected via crowd sourcing from both citizens and public systems.