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Mar 10 2020

An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time

By Sara Shows

Topics: Information SharingPreparednessResponse

In response to the ongoing public health emergency, the John’s Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering is mapping the 2019 novel coronavirus.  They have created an interactive dashboard that illustrates the location and number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, deaths and recoveries around the world.  This dashboard was created to provide researchers, public health authorities and the general public with a tool to track the outbreak.  All the data collected and displayed is made available through a GitHub repository, along with feature layers of the dashboard, which are now included in the Esri Living Atlas.  The dashboard reports cases at the province level in China; at the city level in the USA, Australia, and Canada; and at the county level otherwise.  For more information about the tool please read the Lancet Journal.  

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