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Nov 11 2013

Introducing the VIISE SitRoom Cloud

By Jon Fisk

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Nowadays the word “information” is synonymous with the list of links that magically appear when a person enters a key word into a search engine. On the surface, searching for information seems to be fast and easy. What we tend to forget–or simply overlook–is how much time it actually takes to find the all the information we need to inform important decisions. Even though Google can discover information at the speed of light, integrating relevant, dynamic and meaningful information into your organization is an entirely different matter.

Not only does it take time to find the information you need but it is too often the case that you have to repeat the process each and every time you need to make a decision–even if it is more or less addressing the same issue. For example emergency managers in “hurricane alley” generally know what information they need each time a hurricane or tropical storm is going to impact their area. But each time there is a threat of a hurricane they have to repeat the same drill of finding the information they need for hurricane preparation, response and recovery. It shouldn't’t have to be this way–and it doesn't’t.

The G&H approach to finding and managing information addresses the gap between discovering content and using it for your – and perhaps others’ - specific purposes. The VIISE SitRoom (Virtual Interoperability and Information Sharing Engine) was designed and developed specifically to solve this problem.

When it comes to making an informed decision, it is important to know what you need to know. The VIISE SitRoom provides experienced decision makers with a place to identify the circumstances and issues that keep them up at night, and, working with their team, a means to discover information that would help them the most- before the event happens! Once the team understands what they need to know, information specialists can use the VIISE SitRoom to catalog and align the essential content to their decision maker’s operational priorities by assembling that specific collection of data into a package. Finally, once approved by the decision maker these ready to use collections of content called “awareness packages” that provide authoritative situational awareness that unites the organization and can be shared with partners to support collaborative decision making.

The VIISE SitRoom creates an information ecosystem by starting and ending with the decisions your organizations are responsible to make.  In this information economy, we need a better way to discover, assemble, re-use, and execute information needed to implement the well-oiled plans and procedures of your organization.  And yes, we have an app for that!

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