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Apr 6 2016

G&H Supports CAUSE IV

G&H Supports CAUSE IV, an emergency preparedness exercise on the US-Canada border 

Sep 24 2015

Help Identify Emergency Operations Center Research & Development Priorities!

You're invited to participate in a survey from Harvard's National Public Leadership Institute that will help guide R&D investments for emergency operations center technologies.  

Sep 24 2015

CUSEC GIS/IT Working Group Recognized with FEMA Award for Technological Innovation

G&H is honored to have supported CUSEC's GIS/IT Working Group in CAPSTONE-14 which was recently recognized by FEMA with the 2015 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness (ICPD) Award.  

Mar 12 2015

G&H Supported 2015 IDCE Disaster Tech Hackathon

G&H staff recently supported the 2015 International Disaster Conference & Expo’s Disaster Tech Hackathon. Teams competed to develop platform-agnostic solutions to pressing challenges faced by first responders – especially those related to effective communication and leveraging social media.  

Mar 10 2015

G&H Technical Team Attends Esri DevSummit

From March 10 to 13, G&H’s technical team is attending Esri’s Developer Summit to tap into the latest GIS solutions. At the DevSummit, our team will expand their GIS skills, network with other experts in the field, and learn about new solutions from Esri. 

Mar 10 2015

NISC-Sponsored Information Sharing Workshop Held in Charlotte, NC

G&H facilitated a NISC-sponsored workshop in Charlotte, NC as part of the NISC Local First Responder Project. The meeting included 20 participants from local and state government agencies and the private sector.  

Feb 27 2015

G&H Leadership Team Attending Esri Partner Conference

From March 7 to 10, members of the G&H leadership team will attend Esri’s annual Partner Conference. At this annual meeting of Esri partners, the G&H team will learn more about GIS strategies that can reshape communities. G&H is devoted to making communities more resilient and we look forward to collaborating with others committed to improving decision making through enhanced situational awareness and smart GIS solutions. 

Feb 27 2015

CAPSTONE-14 After Action Video Released

CUSEC's CAPSTONE-14 earthquake exercise was the largest event of its kind. This video captures the purpose and outcomes of the exercise in the words of its participants. 

Oct 1 2014

Crowd-sourcing Improves Emergency Managers’ Ability to Protect against Storm Surge

A new app crowd-sources flooding data to improve preparedness for storm surge, empowering individuals to strengthen their communities' resiliency.  

Sep 26 2014

FirstNet Moves Forward: RFI and Fiscal 2015 Budget Released

The RFI is intended to ensure FirstNet’s objectives are in line with legal requirements and technical capabilities. The budget approved by the FirstNet board allocates $120 million, mainly to be spent on the implementation of a comprehensive RFP process.  

Sep 22 2014

3 Days of Training, Workshops & Hackathons on Wearables + the Internet of Things in DC

Every second 80 new devices connect to the internet. What do you know about the emerging trends of wearable devices and the internet of things? 

Sep 10 2014

VIISE Situation Room Recognized with Governor’s Award

The Commonwealth of Virginia recently recognized G&H technology, the VIISE Situation Room, with a Governor’s Technology Award. The Charlottesville Fire Department was the lead local agency using the VIISE to leverage existing data, share information, and make more effective decisions- all in a way that has never been done before.