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Jan 30 2018

Upcoming Webinar, register today!!

On February 21, 2018, the National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC) will host a webinar with NISC platinum sponsor, G&H International Services, on practical tools to enhance decision-making for the first responder, public safety, emergency management, and public health communities. G&H International Services will provide an overview of solutions it has developed to address specific client problems, to include:

  • Managing large-scale events;
  • Integrating data silos into Esri's ArcGIS to enhance local decision-making; and
  • Developing a virtual exercise facilitation capability.

The G&H International Services webinar is the sixth webinar in the NISC's Mission-Focused Job Aids Webinar Series that reviews tools, techniques, and standard operating procedures that NISC partners in the homeland security, emergency management, public safety, first responder, and healthcare preparedness communities use to facilitate and manage information sharing. For more information about the webinar series and the NISC, visit the NISC website at To become a member of the NISC, click here to join, membership is free for all users!

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