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Sep 10 2014

VIISE Situation Room Recognized with Governor’s Award

The Commonwealth of Virginia recently recognized G&H technology, the VIISE Situation Room, with a Governor’s Technology Award.  The VIISE is a web-based situational awareness application that can be completely customized to accomplish a mission. In daily operations, special events, or a major disaster, the VIISE gives data meaning.

The Commonwealth presented the Enhanced Situational Awareness Award for Innovative Use of Technology in Local Government Award to the City of Charlottesville, where the VIISE was first implemented.  The Charlottesville Fire Department was the lead local agency using the VIISE to leverage existing data, share information, and make more effective decisions- all in a way that has never been done before.

Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner has this to say about the VIISE and G&H:

“The development of the VIISE SitRoom by G&H International's remarkable team has created a paradigm shift in how geospatial information is consumed, viewed, and shared between public safety disciplines, all levels of government, and the private sector.  The VIISE SitRoom leverages and simplifies the way existing data can be accessed by first responders, emergency managers, and government officials in such a way that it increases operational awareness and enhances critical decision making.“

G&H is proud that our technology has been recognized in this way, and we are honored to have partnered with the Charlottesville Fire Department, Albemarle County, and the Commonwealth of Virginia in this groundbreaking initiative.   In response to the announcement of the award G&H CEO Bob Greenberg stated, “I am extremely proud of what our team accomplished but I am equally proud to have worked on this with Chief Werner. He is a true leader in innovation at all levels of government clearly demonstrated by his leadership role in numerous organizations dedicated to advancing public safety, most notably the National Information Sharing Consortium.We will work with him every chance we get.” Read more about the VIISE Situation Room and about all the ways we develop and leverage useful technologies to enhance preparedness, resilience, and communications interoperability.

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