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Jun 3 2014

FirstNet’s Upcoming LTE System Demonstration in Adams County, CO

Since the attacks of 9/11 and every major disaster since public-safety communications has been identified as one of the top capability gap. The 9/11 Commission identified the need for responders to communicate with interoperable technology platforms. In 2012 Congress passed into law legislation that will enable the creation of a nationwide, high-speed communications network dedicated solely to public safety.

On June 6, the Adams County Communication Center (ADCOM911) will be activated and demonstrated in the Adams County urban corridor. The remainder of new LTE network will be constructed and completed by the end of 2014. ADCOM911 will be the next step toward making FirstNet a reality. The county’s new system will be part of the new Public Safety Broadband Network administrated by FirstNet. The system will be capable of supporting more than 2,000 first responders daily, operating on next-generation technology and smart devices.

This initial demonstration could set the stage for expansion and be used as a model for both statewide and nationwide public-safety networks.  See the full article here

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