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Jul 3 2014

New Social Media Resource: Using Social Networking in University Emergency Communications

A paper by Sara Estes Cohen, MPP, examines the communication strategies leveraged by universities in emergency situations. From the report:

"A trend in manmade and natural emergencies has forced universities to reevaluate their emergency communications practices. Despite efforts to integrate modern technologies such as mail and text messaging systems, schools continue to struggle in communicating with students, faculty and staff: unfamiliar opt-in methods leave disinterested students out of the loop, messages are not disseminated in a timely or efficient manner, misinformation and rumors continue, and systems can fail when they are most needed.1 Furthermore, campus emergencies, like the shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University, have revealed an overwhelming need for university emergency communications to include not only the students, but the surrounding neighborhoods, parents, friends and loved ones, and the media."

Read the full document here.

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