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Oct 10 2013

Virginia Information Sharing Pilot Project Launched

Sponsored by the Commonwealth’s Office of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, Virginia launched a pilot in September to increase information sharing and collaboration between state and local emergency management and response agencies including the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Department of Transportation, City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, City of Chesapeake, City of Norfolk, James City County and Chesterfield County.

Virginia stakeholders identified 200 unique information elements necessary to support operations at the state and local level.  Agencies involved in the pilot will match these information elements to specific roles and hazards by incorporating information requirements into their standard operating procedures.

Project Objectives

  • Creating governance and policy driven information sharing
  • Standardizing the publishing practices of practitioners
  • Providing fast and effective information sharing
  • Implementing clear process for providing information
  • Identifying and gaining access to essential elements of information

For additional information, contact Brandon G. Smith, Interoperability Program Manager, Virginia Office of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security.

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