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Aug 2 2013

A History of Success

By Bob Greenberg

Topics: Homeland SecurityState and Local

For over two decades G&H has worked with all levels of government to develop and implement national initiatives and programs and specific projects to assist local, state and federal government to enhance organizational and community preparedness, effectiveness and resilience. The majority of these programs G&H has helped to build continue to exist to serve the community today.

Lasting Programs

G&H played an important role in building the National Institute of Justice’s Office of Science and Technology (OST) which continues to play an important role in developing and introducing new technologies to the law enforcement and public safety community in the areas of forensic science, safety and security, and communications interoperability among others. One of the signature achievements of this program was the establishment of over a dozen specialty technical assistance centers across the country (now called centers of excellence) to help identify technology requirements as well as develop best practices in the adoption of new technologies.

The work of OST in communications interoperability, especially through the Advanced Generation of Interoperability for Law Enforcement (AGILE) and the work of National Task Force on Interoperability (NTFI) led to the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security’s Project SAFECOM which as a Presidential initiative focused on solving communications interoperability on a national level. G&H played an important role in promoting information sharing by helping lead the Standards and Technology Working Group of the Department of Justice Global Advisory Group and leading the effort to develop and adopt the “Justice” XML standard. This standard became an important component in creating the National Information Exchange Standard that is being promoted by numerous federal, state and local organizations

Federal Partnerships

G&H has worked with many federal agencies to assist in the development and implementation of programs. Including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), the Attorney General’s Special Representative to the Southwest Border; the former Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO) of the Department of Commerce; and the U.S. Secret Service. In addition G&H has worked with a number of national laboratories and centers of excellence to assist them in transitioning technologies for use by the federal, state and local public safety communities. G&H has also worked with the Department of Homeland Security since its founding in 2002 including with the Science and Technology Directorate, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and the Office of Infrastructure Protection.

State and Local Partnerships

G&H has a history of working with state and local partners across the country such as Oregon, Virginia and the City of Charlotte, North Carolina. These solutions have included developing and implementing operational and technical capabilities for preparation and response to terrorist attacks, various natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and inclement weather situations and large scale events such as the Super Bowl, National Governors Association conferences and the Democratic National Convention. In 2012 one of GH’s State partners was awarded the Special Achievement in GIS award for achievement in advancing situational awareness in emergency management by Esri, the global Geographic Information Services company.

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