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Aug 28 2015

Ten Years of Social Media: What I’ve Learned Since Katrina

This week, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Since 2005, advances in technology have changed the way we communicate. 

Jun 12 2014

Legitimizing the Role of Social Media in Public Safety

Social media can provide the real-time “what,” the “who,” the “why,” and the “how” if added to the larger information sharing environment. 

Apr 23 2014

Online Collaboration Helpful for First Responders with Constrained Resources

First responders today face demands on time, budgets, and training. DHS S&T's First Responders Group offers two resources that can help. 

Mar 28 2014

Using Little Data for Emergency Response

In a disaster, it's the little data that provides the actionable information that first responders can use to save lives and property 

Mar 4 2014

#EdTech for Emergency Responders and Managers

Social and mobile trends are changing the ways people learn. Educational technology has made learning more accessible and interactive 

Jul 23 2013

Social Media

Attempts to harness social media’s full potential for disaster response and crisis operations have not yet been fully realized. 

Oct 4 2012

Help Save Hamburg, Iowa!

A Story of Community Resilience, the Potential of Social Media, and the Power of Good Choreography 

Sep 23 2011

Engaging Citizens the Right Way: Government Uses Twitter During Hurricane Irene

Twitter and the emergency preparedness and response (EPR) community. 

Feb 17 2011

Making Sense of Twitter - The Uber Hashtag

How does someone keep up with all the hashtags on Twitter? 

Jan 24 2011

Social Media as a Sensor – Leveraging Crowd-Sourced Data for Early Warning and Response

The implications of data collection via social media are significant if applied to the field of public safety. 

Nov 12 2010

Privacy and Security Implications of Geo-Location Social Media Tools

While social media may be very helpful in disasters, users should be aware of some of the potential privacy issues that they present. 

Oct 4 2010

Lessons on the Use of Social Media

The Emergency Social Data Summit was convened in August 2010 to address how to leverage social media during emergencies.