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Aug 18 2017

ArcGIS Powers Mutual Aid Resource Planning to Improve Community Preparedness

How ArcGIS is being used to Improve Planning 

Aug 31 2015

Honoring Chief Werner’s Decades of Service

G&H celebrates the years of service provided to the community by Chief Charles Werner as he retires in August 2015.  

Aug 2 2013

A History of Success

For over two decades we have worked with all levels of government to enhance organizational preparedness. 

Jul 23 2013

The Incredible Importance of the Interoperability Continuum

One of the most important lessons of the many efforts to solve the information sharing problem is that technology alone is not the solution. 

Sep 23 2011

Engaging Citizens the Right Way: Government Uses Twitter During Hurricane Irene

Twitter and the emergency preparedness and response (EPR) community. 

Mar 17 2010

Reflections on Haiti: Part II, The Problem

There is still a significant dissonance between lessons learned from past events and the implementation of these strategies. 

Mar 10 2010

Reflections on Haiti: Part I

The international community can’t afford to continue business as usual.